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Easter Games Day

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author. Today we are going to be playing some fun games. First we will be getting outside for some fresh air and playing some ball games. Next we will be playing hopscotch and a game called ‘What’s the time Mr Bunny?’ I will be sharing a word game to help you to read new words too.

9.30am Activity:
Word Egg Match

See if you can match the letters to make the words on the eggs.

Grown Ups:

You will need some card to cut out the egg shapes. Write down some simple three letter words that you can help your child to sound out. Write the letters for each word separately on card eggs. Mix them up and then together with your child make the words to match the eggs. This develops children’s letter recognition, phonic recognition and supports them as they begin to read words.

10.30am Activity:
Ball Games

Join Sarah and Eva for football and cricket in the garden.


Grown Ups:

This is a lovely time of year to get outside and play some ball games. Eva and Sarah play a game of cricket, taking it in turns to hit the wicket. Next they play football and try to score goals, using the shed as their target.This activity supports children’s physical development.

1:30pm Activity:

Join Sarah and Eva as they make their own hopscotch in the garden.

Grown Ups:

You will need some chalk and an area that you can write numbers on. Throw a stone onto the hopscotch board. Whichever number you land on, jump and hop to that number. The first one to reach the end is the winner. This supports children’s number formation, number recognition and physical development.

2:30pm Activity:
What's the Time Mr. Bunny?

Come and join Sarah and Eva to play this fun jumping game.


Grown Ups:

This game is all about asking the bunny what time it is. “What’s the time Mr Bunny?” If you can reach the bunny before he says “carrot time,” you are the winner. Each time the bunny says what time it is - (for example) “2 o’clock,” you have to jump that many times. If the bunny says “carrot time,” get ready to run away and not get caught by the Easter bunny. If you get caught - you can be the Easter bunny for the next game. This activity develops children’s physical development, knowledge of numbers to 12 and teaches them to follow the rules of a game.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Here is a link to some more Easter Games for children:

Story time:
The Easter Hunt by Sarah Griffiths

Find out where the hunt will take Jess and Tom as they solve the clues and enjoy an Easter egg hunt around town.




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