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Easter Maths Day

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author and a teacher!

You are going to really love the activities planned for today. We can find maths in everything so what are we waiting for? Let’s get started straight away!

9.30am Activity:
Colour Match and Sort!

This activity helps us think about sorting items into groups. I have used pom poms in different colours and sizes. You can use all sorts of items to help you count and sort.

Grown Ups:

Decide what you are going to sort today with your child. You might want to sort out coloured pencils or buttons or even Lego. Discuss with your child which items are the smallest and which items are the largest. How many items do they have in each group?

10.30am Activity:
Jigsaw Eggs

This activity sees us creating our very own Easter jigsaws. You can draw your own Easter eggs to begin with and then cut them into two halves. One half should have the number on and the other half could have the relevant number of dots. Alternatively, you can find templates for jigsaw eggs on the internet and print and cut those out instead!

Grown Ups:

Siblings can help younger children with matching up the two pieces or why not play a game with the pairs instead?

Help your child with cutting out the shapes and they may also wish to colour them in too.

1:30pm Activity:
Easter Egg Addition

There are many different worksheets which can be downloaded and printed from the internet similar to the one I had. These are fabulous for practicing maths but you can always create your very own!

Grown Ups:

You can design your own templates or create a template where you can stick buttons or felt shapes onto the paper. Your child will benefit from feeling the items too. Whatever the case, help your child count up all the different items. You might have some mini eggs to count and perhaps as a treat they can eat them afterwards!

2:30pm Activity:
Easter Matching Pairs – Snap!

This game is great fun when playing with family members. Create your own mini pack of cards. Make sure that there are some matching cards within the pack and see who wins the most!

Grown Ups:

Your child will need help in creating the cards and cutting them out. You could photocopy your child’s own pictures so that they can shout SNAP! If you wish to make a game which could stand up to the rigours of being handled – why not laminate them before they are played with?

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

This is a great game – just count the rabbits you see on the screen! Siblings can help younger ones too.

Story time:
Mary's Lamb by Jude Lennon

Snuggle up with Jude, Lamby and Flossie for this little bed time tale.




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