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Easter Stories Day

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author and a teacher!

Easter is such a lovely time of year. It’s when you see new life all around you. Spring lambs, baby chicks and green shoots are just a few of the things expected this time of year. I just know you will enjoy the activities I have planned for you today. Are you ready? Great – let’s go!

9.30am Activity:
The Easter Story

Easter is a Christian festival and people all around the world celebrate at this time of year. This activity tells of the story of Jesus and what happened to him in Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago.

Grown Ups:

Discuss with your child the story of Jesus and Easter, letting them ask questions about this religious time of year.

10.30am Activity:
Making Easter Puppets

This activity sees us creating our very own Easter puppets. You can draw your own characters or cut some of your favourite ones from a magazine or colouring books. You might even find some templates from the internet! Draw, colour, paint and stick your own favourite characters.

Grown Ups:

Siblings can help younger children create their characters. Googly eyes, wool for hair and pipe cleaners for arms can all be used in their very own creations. You child may need help with using scissors and when gluing things.

You could also recycle buttons, milk bottle tops and sweet papers to give a different effect.

Ask your child if the puppets have names and what kind of characters they are.

1:30pm Activity:
The Easter Bunny Story

Who is the Easter Bunny?

If you have ever wondered what happens at Easter and who comes along to give us chocolate treats then this activity is for you!

Grown Ups:

Look at some pictures with your child of Easter celebrations and pictures of the Easter Bunny. Discuss their own views. Are they excited? Are they looking forward to finding chocolate treats?

2:30pm Activity:
Role Play Story

This activity sees you making your very own theatre! There are a variety of ways to make one but possibly the easiest is to use a clothes horse and blankets or throws. Make sure you have the puppets you made earlier so you can use them in creating your very own play story.

Grown Ups:

Your child will need help in creating the theatre but they can help in deciding where the blankets could be placed, how the clothes horse could be positioned and who goes first in telling their story!

It would be fun to video their story so they can look back at it afterwards to see how it all looked from the audience perspective!

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Why not learn a simple Easter song? This one is all about the Easter Bunny bringing you some lovely treats. Siblings can join in with the chorus. Perhaps you can create some actions for the song as you sing it?

Story time:
Little Bo by Jude Lennon

Snuggle up with Jude and the lambs for this bedtime story based on a Nursery Rhyme. Can you guess which one?




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