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Express Yourself Day

My name is Rachel and I have my own musical company called Music Minors. Today we are going to express ourselves in lots of different ways. We are going to be singing, dancing, creating and talking about the hobbies we love to do.

9.30am Activity:
Making Bunny Puppets

Rachel and Tallulah show you how to make your stick bunny puppets.


Grown Ups:

Number the puppets to help the children identify and recognise numbers. This fun creative task allows children to be independent and follow instructions. This develops children’s number recognition too.

10.30am Activity:
Five Little Bunnies

Join in with Rachel to sing this song.

Grown Ups:

Copy the actions and use your stick bunny puppets to hop away to the song. This is a lovely Easter song and helps the children with their counting. This develops children’s expressive arts and design. It helps their listening skills and ability to follow actions and learn new songs.

1:30pm Activity:
Action Song- I'm so Happy

This was a real treat for Rachel to sing to you all as it's one of her favourite songs. Rachel shows you actions to the song.

Grown Ups:

Being expressive is important to Rachel, listen to the words and smile. Rachel loves to sing, so join in and sing along to this fun and expressive song. This develops children’s listening skills and ability to follow actions and learn new songs.

2:30pm Activity:

Rachel talks to you about her favourite hobby. Why does she love it? Do you have a favourite hobby?


Grown Ups:

Talk to your child about the hobbies they like. Discuss if there is something new they would like to do. Follow this video with a discussion about why we have hobbies. This develops children’s personal, social and emotional development. It helps children to learn about the activities they enjoy and the importance of being able to express what makes them happy.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Watch this children’s cartoon about different hobbies and interests:

Story time:
Cat Power by Jude Lennon

Snuggle up with Jude, Lamby and Flossie while the cats in their story express themselves.




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