George and Maude

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author. Today I am going to share my story ‘George and Maude,’ with you all. We will be getting creative and making parrot puppets, sharing our favourite parrot jokes, cake decorating and finishing the day with another of my stories featuring a special, little robin.

9.30am Activity:
George and Maude

Sarah shares her rhyming tale all about these two lovable characters. Find out about George and Maude’s close friendship and how they look after each other.


Grown Ups:

Talk to your child about the story and ask them questions: What did you enjoy about the story? Who was your favourite character? Why was George clever? What kind things do George and Maude do for each other? This develops children’s language and communication and listening skills.

10.30am Activity:
Make a parrot puppet

Have fun creating your own puppet of George the parrot.


Grown Ups:

You can print out the parrot and ask your child to colour in their favourite colours. Talk together about what George said in the story. Can you create a parrot voice like George? Is there someone you can sound like (mimic) just like George in the story? This activity develops children’s imagination and creativity.

1:30pm Activity:
Parrot Jokes

Join Sarah as she shares some of her favourite parrot jokes!


Grown Ups:

Have fun together sharing jokes about parrots, your favourite pets or jokes that make you laugh! This develops children’s language and communication.

2:30pm Activity:
Cake Toppings

Join Sarah as she decorates some cakes and biscuits with brightly coloured toppings.


Grown Ups:

Plan together what you would like to decorate. You could make your own fairy cakes, or you can use biscuits. Print out the recipe and have lots of fun making your cakes as bright and colourful as you like. This develops children’s understanding of how to follow instructions, it develops their creativity and supports them to work together with others.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...


Colour in the characters of George and Maude and retell the story together with your child.

Story time:
Bounce Back Jack by Sarah Griffiths with Jack Maunder

Snuggle down and enjoy Sarah’s story all about Jack and how a little robin puts him back on track. The message in the story is not to give up and keep on trying!




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