George and the Happy Tooth

My name is Katie and I am a dental health nurse, dental health educator and children's author. Today we are going to be learning all about teeth. We will find out how to brush them and look after them each day. We are also going to hear my story called 'George and the Happy Tooth' and learn some very important facts about our teeth. It is going to be a day filled with fun activities to do together.

9.30am Activity:
George and the Happy Tooth Story Reading

Join me as I share the story of ‘George and the Happy Tooth.’

After the story, can you and your grown up answer the 3 questions:

  1. Why do you think George’s tooth was so happy?

  2. How many times each day should we brush our teeth, and how long for?

  3. What would you do if your tooth jumped out like George’s little tooth?

Grown Ups:

You may want to set a timer for 2 minutes and play some music, encourage children to dance for 2 minutes to the music (the floss) to encourage children to understand the length of time that 2 minutes takes. Create your own supersize mouth using stones and dustpan brushes. Encourage children to clean each and every side of each stone.

10.30am Activity:
Let's Talk about Teeth

Talk about which items are needed to look after our teeth.

Grown Ups:

Talk with your child about which foods are good to have at mealtimes or as snacks.

Create a poster to help teach others how to look after their teeth. Describe how to clean teeth or share foods and drinks that keep our teeth happy.

1:30pm Activity:
Tooth Fairy Map

Can you create a map for the tooth fairy so that she knows where you live?

Grown Ups:

Talk with your child about a map and what the tooth fairy would need to see on the map. The map could be of your street, or your child's bedroom. Encourage your child to draw their map using paper and mark makers.

2:30pm Activity:
Design Your own Happy Tooth

Remember the lovely happy teeth characters in the story. Talk about why the teeth characters were happy.

Grown Ups:

Talk with your child about different characters that they love from stories. Can children come up with their own idea for a happy tooth? Design a happy tooth together.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Well done for completing all of the activities today for happy and healthy teeth. Download and print out The Happy Tooth Workshop Certificate and fill in together with your grown up.

Story time:
Josh's Tooth by Sarah Griffiths




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