Green Day

My name is Sarah Isaacs and I am an author and a teacher. I absolutely love the colour green, in fact, I am wearing my favourite green jumper! Get ready for a fabulous day ahead!


Grown ups: Talk to your child about the colour green. What items are around you which are green? Perhaps you could do a ‘green treasure hunt!’ and find as many things around the house which are different shades of green!

9.30am Activity:
A Picture Of Earth

We are going to cut out and paint a picture of our planet, Earth. Earth is such a beautiful planet but have you looked at it close up? There are plenty of areas which are blue but there are also areas which are wonderful shades of green too!

Grown Ups:

You can show your child a picture of Earth and discuss the areas that can be seen. Explain that the white areas are clouds and the blue area are sea. Can they tell you whether there are more areas of sea or more areas of land? There are some wonderful views of planet Earth on the NASA website where you can see Earth from the International Space Station. How amazing is that!

10.30am Activity:
Five Speckled Frogs

This activity helps us to count and what better way than to count whilst singing! You can make some frog puppets by cutting out pictures of frogs and sticking them on pencils. Or you can draw your own.


Grown Ups:

You may wish to download some frog pictures or encourage your child to draw their own. Your child may need help to cut out their frogs. When the frogs are ready, you can stick the pictures onto pencils.This is an ideal song to practice counting to five. It will also help your child in counting down from five to one.

1:30pm Activity:
Make Green Coloured Paint

What would happen if you had used all your green paint? That’s easy, you can make your own! Mix blue and yellow together and you have green.

If you try mixing different colours together you will find a whole range of new colours!

In this activity, you can watch me painting a beautiful tree. I can’t wait to see your amazing pictures.

Grown Ups:

Look at some pictures with your child of naturally green things. Bushes, trees and grasses are all varied colours of green. Experiment with using yellow and blue, but then adding a third colour to your mix. What colour do you have now?

2:30pm Activity:
Going on a Green Hunt

In this activity, we will be going outside for a walk in the search for anything green. Remember to wrap up warm if it is a cold day and go and explore the outdoors.

Grown Ups:

Talk about what your child might expect to see outside. Later, find out if they were surprised at seeing other green things they weren’t expecting. Talk to them about taking care near prickly leaves or nettles, which won’t be very nice if touched.

Taking a picture of all the things you find is a great way to record what you see. Or you could make a scrapbook to record the lovely walk you had. How might this walk differ to a walk in a completely different season?

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Why not learn a new song? These songs are all about the colour green and you can have so much fun when you all sing together. Perhaps you can learn the songs and perform them to other members of your family wearing something green?

You could also read this poem all about green.

Story time:
The Bored Caterpillar

Find out why Crystal the Caterpillar was just so bored. Remember to snuggle down under your bed covers and enjoy reading this story together.



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