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Hibernation Day

My name is Sarah and I am an animal lady.

Before I became an animal lady, I worked as a zoo keeper and learnt lots of information about big animals, when I left the zoo I worked for the RSPCA and helped sick and injured animals to get better and then could release them back to their owners or back to the wild.

AnimalTastic is 9 years old and I love my job. I visit schools, nurseries and care homes teaching people about animals.

Today we will see and learn about some animals that go to sleep when the winter months come.

9.30am Activity:
Preparation for Hibernation

Are you ready to find out about hibernation today?

Hibernating animals are animals that like to go to sleep when winter comes around and when the weather gets too cold.

We will meet our hedgehog Nico and find out how he prepares for winter.

Grown Ups:

Children will learn all about how hedgehogs get ready for hibernation. This activity supports children to learn about the world around them.

10.30am Activity:
Hibernating Animals

What did we see and learn in the last video?

Grown Ups:

This activity will help children to understand that not all animals can be found in the winter as they sleep for most of it. It will help the children see which animals hibernate and why.

1:30pm Activity:
Sleeping through the Winter

In this session we are going to learn all about two other hibernating animals.

Grown Ups:

Children will learn about different animals and how the animals are equipped for sleeping through the winter.

This helps with children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

2:30pm Activity:
Build a Den

In this activity we are going to make our own den and for this I have some help from Alice. We will use things from around the house to make a den that we can play in.

Grown Ups:

Help your child to gather up some items to use to make their den, such as a quilt cover, blankets and towels. Add some comforting items in the den to make your child feel like it’s a safe and cosy place to be.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Sing along with this lovely hibernation song and wake up the animals after their long sleep.

Story time:
The Sleepy Hedgehog




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