International Children's Day

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author. Today we are celebrating International Children’s Day! This is a wonderful day where we think of children all across the world. Here at EYFS Home we want to say how proud we are of each and every one of you. Today we are going to celebrate by making a special rosette, share what makes us happy and make some delicious chocolate cakes. We will also be celebrating with a disco, dressing up and singing and dancing too!

9.30am Activity:
Make a Rosette

Join Sarah and decorate your own rosette to mark International Children’s Day!


Grown Ups:

Print off the circles and follow Sarah’s guidance to create a rosette together with your child. Decorate the centre with your child’s name and all the things that make them happy. This supports children’s personal, social, health and emotional development.

You can try these activities:

  1. Decorate the circle of the rosette with all the things that make you happy.
  2. Write your name and decorate the circle of the rosette.
  3. Fold the card and make the rosette with help from a grown up, then write your name and decorate the rosette
10.30am Activity:
What Makes Me Happy?

Join Sarah and Eva as they share the hobbies that make them happy.


Grown Ups:

Talk together with your child about all the fun things they like to do. What hobbies do you have? Ask your child if there are new hobbies they would like to try. Can they dress up in a costume like Eva? Have a go at writing a sentence together about what makes them happy. This supports children’s personal, social , health and emotional development. It also supports their literacy, their ability to develop ideas to write a sentence. It supports their communication and language and phonic knowledge too.


You can try these activities:

  1. Dress up or talk about what makes you happy.
  2. Draw a picture of what makes you happy.
  3. Write a sentence and draw a picture about what makes you happy.
1:30pm Activity:
Chocolate Cupcakes

Join Sarah and Eva in the kitchen as they share this delicious recipe!


Grown Ups:

Follow the recipe together with your child and bake some tasty cupcakes. Talk about all the countries around the world and how many children there are in the world (There are 1.9 billion children!) You could make your own flags to decorate your cakes like Sarah and Eva and think about all the children around the world today! This develops children’s literacy and their ability to follow instructions. It supports their measuring skills, using scales and knowledge and understanding of the countries of the world.

You can try these activities:

  1. Work with a grown up to follow the recipe and make the cupcakes.
  2. With a grown up make the cupcakes and make flags for your cupcakes.
  3. With a grown up make the cupcakes and flags and find out about some of the countries names that match the flags you have chosen
2:30pm Activity:
Disco Party

Join Sarah and Eva for some singing and dancing disco fun!


Grown Ups:

Create your own party atmosphere in your front room, in the garden or where you have some space. Put on your favourite music and sing and dance to celebrate being a child today! This supports children’s physical development and health and wellbeing.

You can try these activities:

  1. Move along to your favourite music.
  2. Dance and sing along to your favourite music.
  3. Dance, sing and make up your own dance routine to your favourite music.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Paint or draw a picture of yourself and share with your family all the things which make you special.

Story time:
Mother Earth's Magic

Join Sarah in the summer forest as she shares this magical rhyming tale, bringing together the children of the world!




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