Jay Jay and the Carnival Day

Sue Wickstead is a children’s author and writes children’s picture books.

Today’s book is ‘Jay-Jay and the Carnival’. (One of the ten stories Sue has written)

Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus is a brightly coloured playbus full of toys.

He's always ready for adventure, and after an eventful summer the bus is ready for his journey to the carnival.
The children are also excited - but what will happen on the way?

9.30am Activity:
Jay Jay and the Carnival

Listen to a story - ‘Jay-Jay and the Carnival’.

In this story after a summer of fun, Jay-Jay is ready to join the parade. But oh no! will he get there?

Grown Ups:

‘Jay-Jay and the Carnival’ is the third book about Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus, written by Sue Wickstead.

It is the story of how Jay-Jay is set to join the Carnival Parade.

What happens on his journey to join the parade?

This is a picture story book based on a real bus which was always an important part of the local carnival celebrations.

The theme of this parade is ‘Flight’ with his aeroplane along his sides Jay-Jay will fit in perfectly.

At the end of the book talk about what costumes the children could dress up in for the theme of flight?

How many different things can they think of that fly?

What was their favourite part of the story and why?

What could you dress up in to join the parade?

How do you think Jay-Jay felt when he broke down?

Draw a picture of the parade.

Write words about the bus.

This activity supports letter recognition and creativity.

10.30am Activity:
A Task from the Lego Lady

The Carnival parade theme was ‘Flight’, what do you know that flies?

What costumes did the children in the parade wear?

What would you dress up in?

As the ‘Lego Lady’ perhaps we could look at different Lego characters that dress up to fly.

Using the Lego worksheet, we can add a face, decide on a hat, think of accessories to carry.


Grown Ups:

Help the children to record their ideas on the worksheet given.

Extension: Find toys that fly or represent flight. Could these help with their ideas?

Start with a cape or a hat to act out their ideas.

This activity supports language and communication development. It lets them express their knowledge and understanding.

1:30pm Activity:
Jay Jay and the Carnival - Make a Hat

Dressing up was always the best part.

A simple cape across the shoulders or a hat on your head and you could take on any part.

We are going to make a simple paper hat.

When you wear it how does it make you feel?

Can you find something to drape over your shoulders?

Imagine you are in a parade; how does the hat help you to take on a role?

Grown Ups:

Help your child to make a simple newspaper hat.

They may want to decorate it in some way. Maybe a feather?

Perhaps you could have a competition for the best homemade hat.

This activity helps develop your child’s fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. It also helps language and communication development.

2:30pm Activity:
The Parade

Jay-Jay was off to the carnival and everyone joined in marching in the parade.

We will join in with our paper hats (and capes)

Begin by singing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’

Pick up the rhythm and sing and march on the spot.

Add movements for ‘up’ and ‘down’ to go with the song.

Next practice marching along and around the room. Adding in up and down as you go.


Grown Ups:

Help the children to join in with actions.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Compare Bus Stories and Information Books:

Do you remember any other bus books?

Compare story books and information books too.

Did you spot the bird on each page of my story?

Story time:
David Saves the Day

Just a plain red bus. But how will it stand out in the Carnival parade?David has an idea and with his army of little helpers they set off to work. This carnival had the theme of ‘The Circus’.

What would you like to dress up as for the circus?


Grown Ups

Ask questions about what they would wear in the Circus Parade?

What other parade could they have?




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