Local History Day

Today is LOCAL HISTORY DAY! We have an action packed day for you all. We have four of our well known content creators, who will be showing you around the places where they live! There is also a special bedtime story at the end of the day linked to a local legend in Shropshire.

9.30am Activity:
Visit to Cadbury World

Hello my name is Emma and I’m really excited to be part of EYFS Home’s local history day. I’m from Birmingham which is the second city in the UK. It’s big and vibrant and has an amazing history including being the home of Cadburys.

I’m outside Cadbury World today and would like to tell you a little bit about the company and the area that surrounds it.

Grown Ups:

Have you got somewhere you could visit in your local area that you could find out more about it's history? Who lived there? Maybe you could take some photos or draw a picture about that place.

You could also design your own chocolate bar… what will it look like? What will it taste like? This develops children’s creativity and knowledge and understanding of their local area.

10.30am Activity:
Visit to Shropshire's Wrekin Forest

My name is Sarah and I am delighted to share the beautiful scenery in Shropshire with you all. The Wrekin Forest is a beautiful historical place in the town of Wellington. The hill is very popular for locals and people from far and wide to walk up and see the spectacular views. There is an old legend about a Welsh giant and how the Wrekin hill was formed, many, many years ago.


Grown Ups:

Talk with your child about places in your local area where you can get out and about for a walk and find out about the history of the area. Take some photographs and video footage to remember your day. This develops children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them

1:30pm Activity:
Visit to Liverpool

My name is Jude and I am excited to share with you the places near to where I live in Liverpool. Your grown ups may have heard of the very famous band ‘The Beatles,’ that were from Liverpool. I will be taking you to two places that gave them the inspiration for two of their songs.

Grown Ups:

Do you have any famous people that live in your local area? Can you find out about music linked to your local area? This develops children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

2:30pm Activity:
Visit to Bridgnorth

My name is Sarah Isaacs and I am an author and a teacher. Local History day is a very exciting theme to have today. I am ready to go and visit a few of the amazing places local to where I live in Bridgnorth. Get ready for a fabulous day ahead!


Grown Ups:

Each place you visit on your own history day, why not make a short video or take a photograph of your child? It will be good to look at these reminders of what a lovely day it was. Perhaps your child could draw pictures too and add it to a ‘travel journal’.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Learn all about Roald Dahl and see all the fun activities you can do.



Story time:
The Wellington Cobbler and The Wrekin Giant by Dave Weston. Told by Sarah Griffiths

Settle down and listen to the legend of the Welsh giant and the Wrekin hill in Shropshire.






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