Mud Kitchen Day

My name is Rachel from Music Minors. Today Tallulah and I are going to have a day in the mud kitchen. We will be creating our own menu, making lots of mud inspired recipes and even painting with mud!

9.30am Activity:
Making Mud Cupcakes

Using cupcake cases and mud, create a fun muddy cake.


Grown Ups:

Let the children get messy and use a spoon to mix the cake mixture up. This supports children’s imaginative play and communication and language.

10.30am Activity:
Painting with Mud

Using the cupcake picture, let children paint it using mud and water.

Grown Ups:

The mud and water together creates a lovely texture and the children enjoy seeing if they can make it darker or lighter. This develops children’s creativity and gives them the opportunity for imaginative and exploratory play.

1:30pm Activity:
Making a Mud Cafe

Using the cafe menu, create 3 dishes using mud.

Grown Ups:

Rachel and Tallulah choose 3 simple dishes for their menu. What imaginative dishes can you come up with for your mud kitchen menu? This develops children’s language and communication and the opportunity for imaginative and exploratory play.

2:30pm Activity:
Making Scented Water

Use scented flowers and petals to make your own scented water.


Grown Ups:

You can make flavoured water and add the petals for colour and scents. Children enjoy mixing the different flowers and mixing them together in a cup with water. This gives children the opportunity for exploratory and imaginative play. It supports their communication and language and builds confidence.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Learn this fun song called ‘Stuck in the Mud.’

Story time:
Five Little Pigs by Jude Lennon




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