New Start Day

Hello children, Jude, Lamby and Flossie would like to welcome you to our 'New Start Day'. We hope you have lots of fun joining in with our activities.

Lamby and Flossie are starting school tomorrow. Maybe you are starting school or going to Nursery for the first time too. We've got lots of activities to help you get ready and look forward to school. It's such an exciting time.

9.30am Activity:
Daily Planner

I've been doing a daily planner with Lamby and Flossie for the last couple of weeks. We've talked about what might happen at school and what we can look forward to. You can make your own planner as well. You might like to use the images I've used or you can use some of your own.

Grown Ups:

Talk about the kind of things to expect during a school day. Use vocabulary such as daily routine, learning time, snack time, play time, lunch time, story time and home time to familiarise your children with them. Talk about school in a positive and exciting way. Create your own daily planner with your child. Develops - PSHE, understanding the world and communication skills.

10.30am Activity:
Zips, Buttons and Fasteners

You might have to wear special clothes for Nursery or School, we call this a uniform. These may have fasteners we're not used to like zippers, buttons or even laces.  Lamby and Flossie have been practicing how to fasten and unfasten various things. You can do that too.

Grown Ups:

Encourage your child to use zippers, buttons, laces, belts and other fasteners by themselves. Let them practice with coats, cardigans and shirts to build their confidence. Your children will feel a real sense of achievement. Develops - physical and PSHE skills.

1:30pm Activity:
Making a Label

We all need a school bag for our school things. I've made a label for my school bag. You can make a label for yours. This will help you to find your bag especially if it looks the same as others.

Grown Ups:

Lots of children will have exactly the same book bag which they use as their school bag. Making a label so your child knows which is theirs can really help them to find their bag at school. Encourage your child to decorate it how they wish so they know how to find it. Encourage them to write their name or make marks to represent their name. Develops - physical, PSHE, creativity and communication skills.

2:30pm Activity:
Let's Pack!

Now you've got a label for your school bag we need to pack it ready for our first day. What needs to go in your bag? Where will you keep your bag so you know where to find it?

Grown Ups:

Encourage your children to help you pack their bag. Discuss what they will need for the day. Make sure your child's name is on everything - water bottle, snack pack etc. Think of a place in the house where you can keep the bag so your child knows where it is.

Develops -  PSHE, communication and language skills.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

1. Label all your children's clothes and school equipment.

2. Encourage your child to recognise their own name.

3. Encourage your child to make marks to represent their name (or write it if they are able)

4. Encourage your child to try their uniform on a few times before they go to school. Let them get used to it.

5. Have a lovely first day.

Story time:

Snuggle up for our bedtime story which is all about Lamby and Flossie's first day in school.




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