On Your Bike!

Hello I'm Jude, an author and storyteller. This is Lamby and Flossie who are my storytelling mascots. Today we are very excited because it's 'On Your Bike Day!' We're going to talk about preparing our bikes, wearing the right clothes and go on a bike ride. Dont' worry if you don't have a bike, you can use a scooter or take your baby doll out in their buggy.

9.30am Activity:
Getting Ourselves Ready

We need to decide what to wear. It's important to wear clothes that are easy to move in. We also need to wear good footwear so we can pedal and control the bike properly. It's also important to wear a bike helmet to protect ourselves in case we fall off.


Grown Ups:

Discuss the clothes and footwear you'll need to wear for riding a bike. Talk about the importance of the helmet and keeping safe.

Use language such as - bike, helmet, pedals, footwear, weather, clothes, feet, safety, preparation.

Develops - PSED, Communication & Language and Physical skills.

10.30am Activity:
Getting the Bike Ready

Before we can take our bikes out we need to check a few things. Have we got everything we need? It's always a good idea to check if your tyres need any air before going out on your bike.

Grown Ups:

Encourage your child to help you check the bike. Do the tyres need air? Is the saddle the right height for them? Can they help you put air in the tyres?

Use language such as -tyres, pump, air, saddle, check etc.

Develops - PSED, Language and Communication, Understanding the World.

1:30pm Activity:
The Bike Ride

Lamby and Flossie are in the basket, I've got my helmet on and we're ready for our bike ride. Let's go.

Grown Ups:

If you are planning a bike or scooter ride, discuss with your child where you will go and what you'll do when you get there. Do you need to take books/games/snacks etc?

Use language such as - bike, bicycle, bikeride, geographical features, journey, outing, helmet.

Develops - Physical, Understanding the World and Communication & Language skills.

2:30pm Activity:
What Did We See?

Now you can talk about the lovely day you had. You can draw pictures of the things you saw or write a list. These make great memories.

Grown Ups:

Encourage your child to talk about the day, what did they see, what was their favourite bit? Your child can draw or write some of the things they saw during the bike ride or day out.

Use language such as - memories, favourite, geographical features, bike ride.

Develops - PSED and Communication & Language skills.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

1. Give you bike a clean before you put it away.

2. Have a go at drawing your bike.

3. Make a list of all the places you'd like to visit on your bike and tick them off as you do them.

Story time:
Lamby and Flossie's Big Bike Day Out

Snuggle up for a tale about Lamby and Flossie's day out on their bike.




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