Pancake Day

Welcome to Pancake Day. Our names are Freya and Lois and we have a fun filled day for you. First we will be sharing the story about why we celebrate Pancake Day. Next we will be making the pancakes, decorating them and then finishing with a song.

9.30am Activity:
The Story of Pancake Day

Join Freya to find out why we celebrate Pancake Day.

Grown Ups:

Talk to your child about the story and why people give up certain foods at Lent. This activity supports children’s understanding of different beliefs and customs around the world.

10.30am Activity:
Making Pancakes

Join Lois as she weighs out the ingredients and demonstrates how to make some delicious pancakes.

Grown Ups:

This is a lovely activity to do together with your child. It supports their understanding of measuring and mixing ingredients. Ingredients start off as a liquid but turn into a solid when they are cooked together. Ask your child what they think has made it change? You can talk about other recipes that they have made that change to a solid when cooked.

1:30pm Activity:
Decorating Pancakes

Join Freya as she decorates her tasty pancakes.

Grown Ups:

Have a look in your cupboards for some tasty toppings. Talk with your child about some creative ways to decorate your pancakes. You could make the shape of a face, an animal or whatever you would like. This activity supports children’s creativity and language and communication.

2:30pm Activity:
Pancake Song

Join Lois as she teaches us the words to this lovely pancake song '5 Pancakes in a Bakers' Shop'

Grown Ups:

This is a great song to sing along to with your child. You may recognise the words from the song ‘5 currant buns in the baker’s shop.’ You can sing the song together with your pancakes and talk about how many are left each time when one is taken away. This supports children’s creativity and understanding of numbers when one is taken away.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Join in some more fun activities for pancake day:

Story time:
The Big Pancake told by Jude Lennon



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