Pet Day

Hello I'm Wendy from The Sidlaw Hare. Today we are going to look at pets. We will be playing a game to identify some of my pets. We will also be learning about how we can take care of our pets. There is an activity sheet for you to print out and complete together with your child. Our next activity will be role playing at the vets. Then we are going to get creative and make some pets from paper plates.

We are going to end the day with a lovely bedtime story I have written.

9.30am Activity:
Guess the Pet

In our first activity I am going to show you parts of different animals and describe them to you. You have to guess the pet. The pets in the video all belong to my family. We have quite the selection!


Grown Ups:

You can pause the video if you need more time. I'll introduce you to each pet at the end of the video. Maybe after you could try describing other animals to each other.

10.30am Activity:
Caring for Pets

Our next activity is all about caring for our pets.

Grown Ups:

If you are able to print out the prepared pages, colour and cut out all the different objects needed to help us look after our pets. Stick the appropriate objects next to the animal they are for.

You can help to colour and cut out the objects. You can also add other things which you think each animal might need.

1:30pm Activity:
Going to the Vets

For this activity we are going to do some role play and pretend we are taking our pet to the vet.

Grown Ups:

You can take turns with your child to play the role of the vet. We can think about what the vet might do to find out what’s wrong with our pet.

Have a look around the house to find things you can use to pretend to be the instruments a vet might use. Your child can help with this.

I’ll share some tips on keeping our pets healthy from my friends Ben and Kelly the vets.

2:30pm Activity:
Create a Pet

Let’s get creative and make some pets using paper plates. Follow me as I show you how to make some cute bunny ears and a cat.


Grown Ups:

Let’s get creative and make some pets using paper plates. Follow me as I show you how to make some cute bunny ears and a cat.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Try this fun dot to dot activity from the blue cross.

Story time:
Mr Dandelion and his Pets

Mr Dandelion is always in a rush which leads to a surprising walk for one of his pets!




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