Pirate Playbus Day

Sue Wickstead is a children’s author and writes children’s picture books.

Today’s book is ‘Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure’. (One of the ten stories Sue has written)

Jay-Jay visits a small island and over the week offers children pirate themed fun.

9.30am Activity:
Jay Jay and his Island Adventure

Listen to a story – ‘Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure’.

In this story Jay-Jay travels to a small island, to get there he travels on a small ferry boat.

Grown Ups:

‘Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure’ is the second book about Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus.

It is the story of how Jay-Jay visits a small island where the children have never seen a double-decker bus and certainly not one full of toys and things to do.

This is a picture story book based on a real bus which visited a small island in Scotland.

At the end of the book talk about what pirate things the children joined in with; what was their favourite part and why? What pirate things would you most like to join in with? How do you think Jay-Jay felt when he was on the small ferry?

Draw a picture of the children playing and being pirates.

Write words about the bus. This activity supports letter recognition and their creativity.

10.30am Activity:
Treasure Map

How would a pirate know where his treasure was hidden?

Pirates are not very good at spelling so they would have to make some marks to follow.

What shape will your island be?

Where will you mark the treasure spot?

Use paper to draw a map, make it look old and tear the corners perhaps screw it up to look even more crumpled.

Follow your map to search for treasure. (Around the house or garden.)

Use role play opportunities to act out your treasure hunt. Where will you find the treasure? What could your treasure be?

Grown Ups:

Help your child to make a treasure map, make it old using a tea bag stain. Tear the edges and crumple it up to make marks to follow for a treasure hunt.

This activity supports language and communication development. It lets them express their knowledge and understanding, as well as sequencing events.

1:30pm Activity:
Find the Treasure

Using their map go in search of treasure.

What sorts of things will you find on your treasure hunt?

Where will you keep your treasure safe?

Grown Ups:

Help the children to find small things of interest, such as toys, stones, necklaces, keys, and coins.

Talk about their choices.

What did they find and why did they put it in their treasure box?

Encourage the children to think of different things that they might find around the home or garden.

Put their treasure in a box or container of sorts.

Extension: Using beads thread a necklace for their chest.

This activity helps develop your child’s fine motor skills as well as hand eye co-ordination. It also helps language and communication development. It lets them express their opinions and choices.

2:30pm Activity:
Pirate Song

Listen to the ocean drum and imagine you can hear the sea.

We are going to learn a pirate song.

Grown Ups:

Learn the song ‘Yo, ho, ho’ and join in with actions.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

If you have finished all of these activities and still have time for fun.
Do you remember the story of Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus?

Compare the first and second Jay-Jay story book.

Read the poem Pirate Jack.

Story time:
Sue and Jay Jay’s Adventures

Listen to the sound of the ocean drum and its soothing sounds.

Listen to Sue’s story and the connections Jay-Jay made to Spain.

Grown Ups

Ask questions about the sounds of the sea they can hear and how it makes them feel.




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