Positivity Day

Sue Wickstead is a children’s author and writes children’s picture books.

Today’s day is ‘Positivity Day!’.

Sue writes books based on a real bus.

The Playbus brought play opportunities and support to families who needed it the most. The real bus ran a variety of services for families with children under five in Sussex.

9.30am Activity:
Make a Badge

Using sticky labels or old badges, make a badge to say who you are or how you feel.

Extension: Draw a picture of yourself and think of as many things about you that makes you feel good.

Grown Ups:

Help the children to make a badge and ensure it is safely attached to either themselves or a coat.

Younger children might need stickers. Badges should be safety badges.

Help your child to add affirmative statements to their picture of themselves.

I am… (happy; loving; unique; helpful; creative; joyful; friendly; kind)

I can … (help; be your friend; sing; dance)

Create a badge about them.

Write words about themselves using I can… I am… (talk about who they are)

This activity supports language and personal opinion.

10.30am Activity:
We Love a Rainbow

Paint a rainbow and think of all the positive things the colours remind you of.

Think about things that make you smile


Grown Ups:

Discuss the colours and all the good things that each colour reminds them of.

Using your child’s ideas make a simple list of words to create a colour poem.

The colours of the Rainbow

As red as a ….

As blue as the ….

I feel…

This activity supports language and communication development. It lets them express their knowledge and understanding.

1:30pm Activity:
Positive Relationships

Think about your family and who makes you happy.

How do they make you feel?

Who is your special person?

Who will you choose to draw and why?

Why do they make you feel good?

Draw that special person, perhaps make them a special card (or badge to wear) who will it be for?


Grown Ups:

Help the children to think about all of their family (and friends).

Help them to create a picture of that person and talk about why that person is special to them.

They could make a special card or badge for that person.

This activity helps language and communication development.

Creative expression.

2:30pm Activity:
Sing a Song

Talk about how we can show our emotions in our face or gestures

Sing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’.

Add other verses to show other emotions too. It’s okay to feel other emotions.

We don’t always have to be happy, sometimes we might be worried or confused, how can we show this?

Grown Ups:

Help the children to sing the song and to add their own verses to show other emotions and feelings.

Discus feelings and expression

Extension: Perform the song with actions.

This activity helps develop your child’s language and communication development and memory and performance.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Create a special book ‘All about me’.

Add pages with things we like or enjoy.

Add in some of the special things we have made or done.

Can you talk about you?

Story time:
David and Bathtime

Listen to the story of David and how he enjoyed his bath time.

He was being himself and having fun.


Grown Ups

Ask questions about the story and the things David got up to.

What do you enjoy?




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