Rainforest Day

My name is Sarah and I am an animal lady. Come with me today on a journey to the jungle. Let’s see what animals we can find and how they live. Today I am going to help you learn a lot about two jungle animals that move in different ways. We will then try to see if we can move like them and we are going to make those animals in our creative activities.

9.30am Activity:
Bronson the Boa Constrictor

Are you ready to find out about the rainforests today? The animals in today’s activities are quite different to the animals we might find in our country. First, we are going to learn all about Bronson the snake; he is a Boa Constrictor. We are going to find out if they are dangerous and what part of the jungle they live in. Can you talk with your grown up about all the facts that you have learned? Talk together about what you now know about snakes.

Grown Ups:

Children will learn all about snakes, where they live and look at how they move. This supports their understanding of animals and the wider world around them.

10.30am Activity:
Make a Snake

What did we see and learn in the last activity? Are you ready to do some creative activities? We are going to make some items to go in our jungle box at the end of the day. Let’s make our own snake and paint our box.

Grown Ups:

This supports children’s expressive art and design.

1:30pm Activity:
Rosie the Tarantula

Do you remember what we did in the last activity? In this session we are going to learn all about another rainforest animal and she has lots of legs! Talk together with your grown up about all the new facts you have learnt about Rosie.

Grown Ups:

This will help children recognise the differences in animals. It also teaches children about animals habitats. This supports children’s knowledge and understanding of animals and where they live.

2:30pm Activity:
Make a Jungle

In this activity we are going to make our own jungle. I am very excited about this activity, as we are going to have lots of fun! You can play with your jungle over and over again. For this activity you will need a shoe box or something similar, garden cuttings, coloured card, scissors, glue, sticky tape and a pencil. (You could also draw or paint your jungle if you have not got a box.)

Grown Ups:

Help your child with the cutting out and work together to make and decorate their very own jungle. You could make the jungle as big or as small as you like and add other objects to it. This supports children’s language and communication linked to animals. It supports their creativity and knowledge and understanding of the wider world.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Add to your jungle by making some more paper animals to go inside your jungle box, like jaguar, monkey’s or even creepy crawlies. Have fun!

Story time:
George and the Dragon told by Jude Lennon




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