Space and Cardboard Box Day

Hello my name is Sue and I’m a teacher and an author. I write children’s picture books about buses, especially Play buses.


A bus you can play on and use your imagination, I love to play, don’t you? I love playing with Lego too! Today’s day is ‘’Cardboard Box Day and National Space Day. Come along and join my Space Adventure

9.30am Activity:
Make Junk Model Rockets and Space Gear

Using cardboard tubes or boxes make a rocket and cover it with foil.

Make some control wrist bands to wear and add buttons to message mission control.

Maybe make some air tanks using old plastic bottles or a space helmet to wear on your head.

Draw a picture of your spaceman or your rocket ship.

Label it.

Grown Ups:

Help the children to make a space rocket with cardboard tubes or other suitable junk.

What other construction toys could they use to make a rocket.

Help them to think of things they could wear to make themselves into a spaceman.

Maybe they could wear their space gear on the climbing frame.

What would they say?

(Mission control; blast off!)

Make a space badge.

Draw a picture to label.

This activity supports language and fine motor skills.

10.30am Activity:
Make a control box

We are going to use a Cardboard Box to make a spaceship control box.

What could we use to make a box full of dials and buttons to press?


Grown Ups:

Help the children to collect a few junk boxes and bottle tops that they could use for their ship.

Put it all safely inside their box ready to attach and use.

Ask the children about the sort of dials and buttons that might be on a dashboard. (Look at car and aeroplane dashboards for inspiration.)

This activity supports language and communication development. It helps with fine motor skills and imagination.

1:30pm Activity:
Space Background

We will need to make a dark night sky for our space journey to the moon.

What will we see in the sky?

Grown Ups:

Help the children make stars for their backdrop and add planets and stars.

(If they remember their ‘Mother Earth Day they could use their Earth model)

Get all of today’s models ready for our zoom to the moon.

This activity helps language and communication development.

2:30pm Activity:
Zoom to the Moon

Now we have everything we need to zoom to the moon. Get ready with our space gear on, our rockets ready to fly and our control box too.

Grown Ups:

Help the children to sing the song and fly their rockets

Extension: Perform the song with actions.

This activity helps develop your child’s language and communication, memory and performance.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Space Travel: Perhaps the children could explore different books about space and the planets. Look at spaceships and the control box dial’s they might need.

Visit the local park and use the climbing frame to take on a role for a space journey!

Story time:
Rhyme Time with Daisy Daydream

A Playbus is a good place to use your imagination and play.

Daisy Daydream has her own story book but also a book full of familiar rhymes.

(About buses of course)

Grown Ups

Ask questions about using their imagination and play.

What do you enjoy?




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