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Spooky Tales Day

Sue Wickstead is a children’s author and writes children’s picture books. Sue was once involved with a Playbus play project, which is the inspiration behind many of her picture books.

(Her books will always have a bus included somewhere)

She also likes playing with Lego.

Do you?

9.30am Activity:
Storytime- A Spooky Tale

A Spooky Tale Special Edition.

In this book all of the children are named – perhaps there is a name you know?

Grown Ups:

‘A Spooky Tale’, This is one of the story books written by Sue Wickstead, you might have heard or read the story before but not this version, this is a special edition for a special occasion and all of the children named on the adventure as they follow a route around the neighbourhood.

Perhaps there is a name you recognise?

If you went on a walk where would you go and what would you see?

A different journey.

This is a picture story book where the teacher takes her class out for a walk.

Look at the story map at the beginning of the story.

What could possibly go wrong?

At the end of the book discus what was your favourite part of the adventure and why?

Look at the map to recall events.

Where would you go on your journey?

Did you hear any names you recognised?

Write a sentence or words to describe their favourite part of the story and why. This activity supports letter recognition and their creativity.

10.30am Activity:
The Bubble

At the moment we have to stay in small groups and make a bubble.

Can you draw your family group bubble?

Who will be in your bubble? (Don’t forget to include grandparents and of course your pets.)

Perhaps you could draw your friend’s bubble.

Where would you go.

You could use role play with playmobile figures or Duplo to act out your events.

Grown Ups:

Help your child to think about who they would like to be in their group and where might they go.

Use role play toys such as Lego, Duplo or Playmobile to act out events. Maybe draw a map.

Where will it go?

You can watch a You Tube Clip of the real walk.

(Original walk + a similar walk)

This activity supports your child and their creativity. It supports letter recognition and their imagination.

1:30pm Activity:
How to make a Worry Doll

What are your worries?

You could use material to dress your doll.

This activity supports helps develop your child’s fine motor skills as well as hand eye co-ordination. It also helps language and communication development. It lets them express their concerns.

Find out in the video how to make your own worry dolls using pipe cleaners.

Grown Ups:

Ask the children to think about the children not feeling well. Perhaps they were worried or scared.

Share with the children some of their worries, what would make them worried or scared?

Maybe these worries would make them feel unwell.

Share the video of how to make a worry doll.

Let the children tell their doll their worry and pop it into an envelope or pouch.

2:30pm Activity:
Action Songs and Rhymes
Grown Ups:

Ask the children to tell you about their favourite Nursery Rhymes sing along and share.

Do you know any rhymes about teddy bears?

Or maybe toys?

This activity supports your child’s language and communication development.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

If you have finished all of these activities and still have time for fun.

Watch the video clips of the real journey as well as the Spanish tale.

How are they different?

Story time:
Barty Barton the Bear That was Loved too Much.




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