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Spring Day

My name is Georgie and I am a dancer. Today we are having a fun filled day learning about Spring. We will be doing some fun craft activities, planting some seeds and dancing too.

9.30am Activity:
Cress Heads

In this activity you will need to do some preparation for growing your cress!

Grown Ups:

You will need a pot or or egg shell (make sure its cleaned out.) Place a piece of damp kitchen roll at the bottom, followed by a clump of damp cotton wool. Make sure there is at least a 3cm gap between the cotton wool and the top of the pot) and place around a teaspoon of cress seeds on the cotton wool and press them down.

Water your cress daily so that the cotton wool is always moist and leave in direct sunlight, after 5 days or so you should have some lovely cress!

Now you can decorate your pot/egg shell! Grab a pen or some googly eyes to stick on, and draw a funny face. This activity develops children’s understanding of growing seeds.

10.30am Activity:
Flower Collage

We are going to make a fun and vibrant collage of different types of flowers to celebrate spring.

Grown Ups:

You can use pens, paints, pipe cleaners or cut pictures from a magazine. See how many different types of flowers you can create. This develops children’s creativity and understanding of the seasons.

1:30pm Activity:
Rainbow Panting

For this activity you will need some paper, coloured paints and a pencil to draw out your rainbow.

Grown Ups:

Talk to your child about when we might see a rainbow. See if you can remember all the colours. Like Georgie, is there a rhyme you can think of to remember them? Have fun painting and creating your rainbow. This develops children’s creativity and their understanding of the world around them.

2:30pm Activity:
Spring Dance

Make sure you’ve got lots of space around you to learn this fun and uplifting spring dance!

Grown Ups:

Follow Georgie as she shares the moves to the song. This supports children’s physical development.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Rainbow Song-

If you enjoyed learning the colours of the rainbow, you can learn this song to celebrate springtime.

You can also read the short Spring poem.

Story time:
The King and The Elephant

Snuggle up for our bedtime story told by Jude Lennon.




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