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Spring Festival of Colour Day

My name is Rachel and I have my own musical company called Music Minors. Today we are going to be learning all about the Hindu Festival of colour. We will be cake decorating, paint throwing and dancing too!

9.30am Activity:
All About The Holi Festival of Colour

Listen to Rachel describe this special Hindu festival. Why are we celebrating this festival?

Grown Ups:

The important message to share with children is that this festival marks the change from Winter to Spring. This develops children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

10.30am Activity:
Decorating Cakes

Follow Rachel as she shows you how to decorate cakes or biscuits using brightly coloured icing.

Grown Ups:

Use the ingredients to make simple icing and food colouring. It’s a really lovely activity where you can let the children be creative and independent. This develops children’s creativity.

Icing -

Icing sugar


Lemon Juice

Food colouring

1:30pm Activity:
Bollywood Dancing

Rachel shows you how to do some fun, Bollywood style dancing. She gives you simple instructions to follow.

Grown Ups:

The music is really fun and the actions are simple. Enjoy moving around to the music. You can use an umbrella or a scarf for the beginning of the dance. This develops children’s expressive arts and design.

2:30pm Activity:
Paint Throwing

Rachel uses a t-shirt to flick the lovely and vibrant coloured paints. She uses a table cloth underneath to protect the floor.

Grown Ups:

Flick the paints to create a lovely bright and colourful effect. Using the idea from the Holi festival of colour. This develops children’s creativity and knowledge and understanding of festivals around the world.

You need:

Paint - bright colours

Paint brush

Palette to put paint on

T-shirt or paper

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Here are some more Holi craft activities for children:

Story time:
The Story of Holi by Jude Lennon




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