The Poppit Dragon

My name is Mark and I am an author. Today I’ll be reading ‘Monty and the Poppit Dragon’ and we will be taking part in some fun activities about dragons and flying.

9.30am Activity:
The Poppit Dragon

Enjoy listening to the story together.

Grown Ups:

Talk with your child about the characters and which were their favourites. This supports children’s listening, language and communication.

10.30am Activity:
How do they Move?

Talk about the different creatures you remember from the story.

Grown Ups:

In the story we saw different creatures that fly in different ways. A seagull, an owl, a puffin and a bat. Together with your child, think about how these creatures move and fly. Talk about how they are different: slow, fast, quiet and loud. This supports children’s communication and language and develops their knowledge and understanding of birds and creatures.

1:30pm Activity:
Same and Different

What are the differences between Monty and Cookie and the spangles?

Grown Ups:

Look for things that are different and also things that are the same. Listen to the video and see if you can guess who I am describing. One of the dogs is black and white and fluffy. Can you guess who this is? This develops children’s language and understanding of comparing.

2:30pm Activity:
Decorate Dragon Wings

​Decorate some wings for a dragon.

Grown Ups:

There is a template you can print out or you can draw your own wing shapes together with your child. Talk about how you can colour and decorate the dragon wings to make them stand out. I’ve decided to use green and pink. What colours will you choose?

This supports children’s listening, language and communication. It also develops their creativity.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Colour in some pictures from the story.

Story time:
Monty and the Land of the Dinodogs 

Monty and the Land of the Dinodogs is our bedtime story. When Cookie finds a strange machine in the woods, they both climb in. But when Cookie pushes some buttons they are taken back to a strange land. Can they find a way back home?



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