Threading Day


I am Becky. Today we will explore things that all the family will enjoy and can do together.

Today we are going to have a lot of fun threading things. Threading is something that you have to practice to get better at and there are things that are easy to thread and some that are a bit more complicated. Keep trying and soon you will be a threading and weaving whizz!

  1. Spaghetti hedgehog

  2. Kitchen items

  3. Paper chain

  4. Pasta snake and hanging mobile

9.30am Activity:
Spaghetti Hedgehog

Use a colander turned upside down and poke pieces of spaghetti into the holes. This is a simple and effective activity to encourage perseverance with quick visible results.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your spaghetti hedgehog and send it to us, as this art is ‘transient art’ which means it is difficult to keep.

Grown Ups:
10.30am Activity:
Kitchen Items

This is a fun activity where you look at kitchen items in a different way!

You are looking for items that you can use safely which have holes in them, like a spoon or wire rack.

Ribbons or strips of old fabric are great to weave with as they are easier to hold, but you could try a large tapestry needle and wool or shoelaces. Thin ties would also work.

A wire rack for cooling biscuits is perfect for learning how to weave. For children who find this harder, try scarves and ties to use with a laundry basket.

You can help your child to follow the sequences needed for successful weaving by using the language of opposites to encourage vocabulary development, such as over and under, in and out, up and down, as well as positional language like through and in between.

Grown Ups:

Please do send some pictures of your woven creation to the gallery.

Safety – Please ensure your child is not left unsupervised with items that could get tangled around them.

1:30pm Activity:
Paper Chain Decoration

This activity ‘grows’ quickly and is highly effective at creating a decoration to hang in the home or garden, where children can see their progress grow in front of their eyes.

Children will learn how chain links fix together and develop their hand and finger dexterity.

Join the strips to make individual circular links and then use other strips to join those together. This is a lovely cooperative activity that can be done socially. Grandparents may remember making these in times gone by too.

Grown Ups:
2:30pm Activity:
Pasta Snake and Hanging Mobile

Threading pasta or cotton reels or large beads, washers and nuts, curtain rings or napkin rings or any other item that has a large central hole will make for hours of concentration.

Next time why not see if you can put some dried tube pasta in a bag with a few drops of food colouring, shake it until covered and then bake the pasta for 10-20 minutes. This fixes the colouring and the pasta can then be used to make alternating patterns and explore this mathematical concept. (For example, 2 blue, 3 red, 2 blue, 3 red etc )

Try taking your pasta snake on a walk with you!

Hanging mobile

Using natural or manmade objects why not make some mobiles for the garden or for in the window. You can even make some windchimes by tying things close enough to touch when the wind blows. Mobiles are an enjoyable way of expressing creativity, using the imagination, repurposing items and bringing decoration to your environment. They are easy to make, and teaching children to tie knots to secure items is a useful skill to have.

Grown Ups:
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Use children’s needles or large tapestry needles to make some woven patterns on cards to send to friends and family

Learn to plait

Make a wind chime

Story time:
Little Lamb Tales and The Hungry Crocodile




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