Threading Day

Today is Theading Day!

My name is Sarah Isaacs and I am an author and a teacher.

Threading is a fantastic activity. There are just so many things you can do with threading! You can make bracelets, pretty cards, wind chimes and sew fabric together! If that isn’t enough, you can use different coloured beads to make patterns along your string or wool. How exciting!

So, let’s shake our hands, wriggle our fingers and get ready to thread our way through the day!


Grown ups: You will need to help your child at various aspects during this activity day. It all depends of course how old your child is and how

9.30am Activity:
Threading Paper

I loved doing this activity and it was probably because I love fish! Instead of decorating your pictures with paints, felt tip pens and coloured pencils, why not try threading coloured paper through your picture giving it a 3D effect?


Grown Ups:

You will need to create the slots for the paper to be threaded. You can ask your child to choose the original picture and find out what colour paper they would like to choose? Talk to them about what effect the threading gives the picture. Try using glitter or shiny paper and maybe even read them the story of the Rainbow Fish

10.30am Activity:
Threading a Chain

This is your chance to find as many things around the house to thread on to a lovely long piece of string or wool. Perhaps you might find items which could be recycled or things which would have been normally thrown away. How would you thread them onto your string? How long can you make it? How many items can you add?


Grown Ups:

Items such as buttons, foil, felt, corks, ribbons, silk flowers and beads can all be used to thread onto a piece of string or wool. You will need to create the holes so that your child can thread the items. Scissors or a bradawl would be ideal.

1:30pm Activity:
Threading Pasta

I love pasta! Before it is cooked it can be used to thread onto wool or string to create a fabulous piece of jewellery or just to create patterns. Try painting them first or adding glitter afterwards.


Grown Ups:

Talk to your child about the different shapes of pasta available and what type would be ideal to thread. Perhaps they would like to paint the pieces beforehand. Is it easier before or afterwards? What does your child think?

2:30pm Activity:
Threading a Dinosaur

This is a great activity to create your very own masterpiece. Think about what type of dinosaur would be suitable. Maybe you would like to draw your own dinosaur or find a picture of one in a book or on the internet. Once the holes have been punched around the picture, try threading ribbon, pipe cleaners or string all round the image. I bet yours will look amazing!!


Grown Ups:

You might be able to find some perfect images from the internet. Have ready, different colours of wool, ribbon or pipe cleaners. You will need to use a paper hole puncher and line up the paper before creating the hole. Perhaps your child could help you when you press the puncher to make the hole?

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Here is another idea for threading pasta. This time, the pasta is used with pipe cleaners. This can help if you need a little more support with threading. Also, felt tips are used to colour the pasta before they are added.

Story time:
Grandpa was coming to visit

It is always fun to have Grandpa visit and today was no exception. What has Grandpa brought with him this time? We are about to find out!




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