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Travel Day

Hi everyone,  I'm Jude - a storyteller and author. with my trusty mascots Lamby and Flossie we were lucky enough to go on a visit to South America. Join our day of activities inspired by our visit to Peru.

9.30am Activity:
Tales from the Travel Pouch- Peru

Find out all about Lamby and Flossie's trip to Peru and the wonderful things they saw there. 

Grown Ups:

This book allows lots of discussion about travelling, visiting other countries and Peru. Talk with your children about what it would be like to visit somewhere new. What would you want to see? The book highlights the importance of creating happy memories and enjoying new experiences. Develops Language & Literacy and Understanding the World skills.

10.30am Activity:
Packing our Cases

Can you help to sort out your clothes or your toy's clothes ready for a trip. Will they need clothes for different types of weather? Will they need swimming costumes? Which clothes would be best and which can be left behind?

Grown Ups:

This activity encourages children to think about the weather and which clothes are best. It also encourages them to sort things according to whether they will be useful or not. The activity encourages children to talk about their ideas and make their own decisions. Develops Mathematical, Understanding the World, Communication and Language skills.

1:30pm Activity:
Make an Inca Pattern

I love making patterns, do you? Have a look at the lovely patterns I saw when I was in Peru, they are called Inca Patterns. Can you make your own pattern using buttons, sticky shapes, pasta or other craft bits? 

Grown Ups:

Encourage the children to select the materials they will use to make their pattern. Have a look at the pictures of the patterns provided and talk about the colours and shapes. You might like to make a pattern with your child to encourage them to have a go. Develops - Fine Motor, Creative and Maths Skills

2:30pm Activity:
Songtime - Down in Peru

Meet some of the animals who live in Peru - llama, alpaca, caiman, humboldt penguin, jaguar. Join in with the words and the actions for this simple action song.

Grown Ups:

Sing along with your child. You could always create your own version using animals in the local area or from a place you have visited as a family. Develops -  Creativity, Understanding the World and Communication and Language skills.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

1. Make your own Scrap Book from  a place you have visited or create one for the summer holiday activities you do this year. 2. Complete the activities which have been designed to match my book. These were created by Kids Club Grown ups - There are two recipes in the extension activities which are delicious! Enjoy...

Story time:

Tales from the Travel Pouch Snuggle up for our bed time story. This time 'Tales from the Travel Pouch' is in Bolivia.




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