Two Peas in a Pod

My name is Shamima and I am a student Midwife and a children’s author. I am very excited for today’s author day and this day will involve talking about yummy vegetables and fruits. I also have some fun activities for you to come and join in with and I cannot wait!

9.30am Activity:
Two Peas in a Pod Story

I share my lovely story about Two Peas in a Pod called Chap-pea and Split-pea. Two Peas in a Pod are happy in their little pod home, until a new, sparkly pod home arrives in their pea patch.

Grown Ups:

Why not ask your child/children about what they know and like about eating vegetables and fruits. You can look at pictures in books, find vegetables or fruits in your home or you may wish to look on the internet to help them ask questions about why we eat them and how it can help the human body. You can also discuss and talk about the textures, colours, and taste.

10.30am Activity:
Fruit or Vegetable

In my big shopping bag, I have some lovely vegetables and fruit! But which one is a vegetable, and which one is a fruit? Why not have a go and hunt for some fruits and vegetables in your home?


Vegetable fact- Did you know that green spinach is the number 1 healthiest vegetable? Thanks to its leafy green nutrients it can help improve your eye health and keep your heart healthy.

Fruit fact- Oranges are one of the most popular nutritious fruits in the world. Eating one medium sized orange can help provide a lot of vitamin C and potassium for your body.

Grown Ups:

Why not try and find vegetables and fruits with your child/children in your kitchen. To play this activity, place two bowls/boxes or divide some space on the table, then use two pieces of paper and write down vegetables and fruits. Discuss and see if your child can put the correct vegetable or fruit in either bowls/boxes or space divided on the table.

1:30pm Activity:
Fruit Caterpillars

Let’s make some caterpillars out of some chopped fruit pieces. For my caterpillars I have used some strawberries, water melon and grapes. All you need are some wooden toothpicks and your chosen small vegetables or even fruit.

Grown Ups:

Help your child/children create some delicious and fun caterpillar snacks. They are fun to do and are healthy to eat. For safety purposes please chop grapes in half to avoid a choking hazard. You may need to help your child/children chop the fruits. .

2:30pm Activity:
Favourite Farm Animal

Now it is time to have fun and draw your favourite farm animal. My favourite farm animal is a sheep! I like sheep because of their lovely soft wool, and I have called my sheep Bah Bah. Why not have a go at drawing your favourite farm animal, give them a name and find out some fun facts about them.

Grown Ups:

Why not draw together and show each other your favourite animal with a chosen name and post them on social media so other grown-ups and children can see? Drawing can help create positive brain chemistry and help their intuition increase. Encourage your child to learn more about animals, any fun facts about them and why they are in a farm. For instance, cows live on a farm, we collect and drink their lovely milk, as this helps our bones grow big and strong.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Eat your Vegetable and Fruit Rainbow

The rainbow vegetables and fruits have a very important message to tell you about why it is important to make both fruits and vegetables as part of your five a day.

Grown-ups - Encourage your child to listen to the strong message and join in. Talk about the importance of why we should make both fruit and vegetables as part of our five a day. For example, crunchy green peas can help keep our immune system strong and they help keep our skin, gums, and teeth healthy too!

Story time:
Magic Carrot Eyes

Before you enter the land of nod why not snuggle up and join me, whilst I read my second book called ‘Magic Carrot Eyes’




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