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Water Fun Day

Water is so important – it keeps us clean and healthy and we can also learn so much when we use it! Today we will be using water in all of our activities – there will be science, art, craft and of course, we will be having lots of fun getting very, very wet! Join Gemma, Georgia and Gracie for a splash-tastic day of fun!

9.30am Activity:
Floating and sinking

With your grown up, gather together some toys or objects from around the house and talk about whether you think they will float or sink in water. Using a sink, bucket or even the bath, test them out and find out if you were right.

Grown Ups:

Ask your child why they have made their predictions, why they get the results that they do and explore the reasons why this may be the case. This activity is a great science lesson and you may want to try testing which fruits and vegetables float too!

10.30am Activity:
Magic Blooming Flower

Here is a fun science experiment to try using water. You can find instructions and a printable template below. Decorate your flower, cut it out, fold the petals in and then put it in the water and see what happens!

Grown Ups:

Adults, paper is made up of small fibres. When these fibres absorb water, they swell up and the paper expands. This makes the creases flatten out, which in turn makes the flower open. Explain to your child that different types of paper soak up water at different speeds. This explains why a tissue paper flower opens almost immediately on contact with water while a card flower may take a minute or so to slowly blossom. Try using different types of card or paper to see what happens.

1:30pm Activity:
Magic Drawings

We love this activity! Using kitchen roll, permanent markers and water-soluble felt pens, follow the instructions to create a magic picture that comes alive when you add it to water! What design will you create?

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: Adults, help your child to understand about absorbency and how the water causes the water-soluble pens to bleed which creates the magical illusion. This activity can help your child to learn about shapes and develop their fine motor skills as they draw on a different type of paper.

2:30pm Activity:
Super Soaker Sponges

We have had lots of fun using the water inside today. Now it is time to go outside and get very, very wet! Using sponges and string you can create a water bomb which will get your target absolutely soaked! The best bit is, these sponges can be reused again and again.

Grown Ups:

Grown Ups: Adults, this activity will help with your child’s physical development and is also a fantastic way of building relationships. Have fun!

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Learn about the water cycle – where water comes from and where it goes after we have used it.

Story time:

Animals Galore by Little Lamb Tales




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