Wellbeing in Nature Day

My name is Sarah and I am a children’s author. Today we are going to make a puppet, create our own stories, play a nature sound and word game and learn a new song too.

9.30am Activity:
Make a Snail Puppet

Join Sarah as she demonstrates how to make a snail puppet to tell your own nature story.


Grown Ups:

You will need some card, pens, scissors and sellotape. With your child create your very own snail puppet that you can use to bring your storytelling to life. This supports children’s creativity and imaginative play.


You can try these activities:

  1. Draw your own snail picture.
  2. Draw a snail and cut him out.
  3. Draw and decorate your snail, cut him out and give him a stick to turn him into a puppet.
10.30am Activity:
The Very Happy Snail Puppet Story

Join Sarah as she shares her story ‘Cyril the Snail.’

Grown Ups:

With your child create your own story about a happy snail. What delicious food will your snail eat? Can you add the days of the week to sequence your story like Sarah? This develops children’s communication and language, imaginations and creative play.


You can try these activities:

  1. Think of plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers your snail would like to eat.
  2. Match a day of the week to a plant, vegetable, fruit or flower to tell your happy snail story.
  3. Use storytelling language with your puppet and share how your snail was happy on each day of the week and what he/she decided to eat.
1:30pm Activity:
Nature Sound and Word Game

Join Sarah as she shares this easy to play phonic game.

Grown Ups:

Create your own sound and word cards linked to nature. Can you come up with some new words together with your child. You can score points for each word linked to nature. This develops children’s sounds and letter recognition. It supports children’s knowledge and understanding of the natural world.


You can try these activities:

  1. With a grown up - think of 3 sounds and match a word that is linked to nature.
  2. With a grown up - think of 5 sounds and match a word that is linked to nature.
  3. Independently think of 5 sounds, make cards with some support and match a word that is linked to nature.
2:30pm Activity:
Sing a Song of Flowers

Join Sarah and sing along to this lovely song to celebrate wellbeing in nature day.

Grown Ups:

Play the video together with your child and learn the words together. You could make your own coloured flowers to hold up like Sarah to help you remember the different colours.

You can try these activities:

  1. Sing along with Sarah to ‘Sing a Song of Flowers.’
  2. Learn the colours of the flowers and sing together with a grown up.
  3. Make coloured flowers and learn the song to perform with a grown up.
If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Here are more wellbeing activities to do:

Story time:
Wendy the Wellbeing Witch by Sarah Griffiths

Find out about how Wendy and her cat Gwendoline help a little boy in need.




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