Wheels Day

Hello I'm Wendy from The Sidlaw Hare. Today we are going to look at wheels and lots of different things that have wheels. We will be playing a game to identify things with wheels, making our own models with wheels, trying out some manoeuvres on our bikes or scooters and singing too.

9.30am Activity:
All about Wheels

In this short video we will look at a few different things with wheels. Can you name them all? Why do they need wheels? How many wheels do they have? What other types of transport can you name?

Grown Ups:

Maybe you could go out for a walk and make a list of all the different types of things with wheels you see. Or you could look out of a window and see what you can spot. Don't forget to look up! Aeroplanes have wheels too! This develops children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

10.30am Activity:
Junk Modeling

For this activity you will need some boxes, paper, milk bottle tops, paper plates, glue, scissors and pencils or pens for decorating.

Grown Ups:

Have a rummage in your recycling and see what you can find that can be made into a car or something else with wheels. You could make something for your favourite character or if you have a box big enough, maybe your child could fit inside. This supports children’s expressive arts and design.

1:30pm Activity:
The Wheels on the Bike

Join in with the song and actions. Maybe you can add your own ideas. What else could we sing about on the bicycle?

Grown Ups:

This activity supports children’s expressive arts and design.

2:30pm Activity:
Obstacle Courses

Try creating a simple obstacle course outside to ride your bike or scooter around.

Grown Ups:

Create obstacles that will help your child develop new skills such as their balance, turning or stopping.

Alternatively you can build an indoor obstacle course and drive your junk modelling creation around or perhaps a toy car. This supports children’s physical development.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

The Transport Museum have some fun activities on their website. Scroll down to the Early Years Foundation Stage section. There is a template you can use for a game of transport bingo.

Story time:
Rumplestiltskin by Sarah Griffiths




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