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World Water Day

Join Lois and Freya for a fun day learning all about World Water Day! We are going to be looking at why water is so important in life and showing you some fun activities you can do with water at home.

9.30am Activity:
Why is Water so Important?

Join Freya for the first activity of the day going through the reasons why water is so important and why we need to save as much as possible.


Grown Ups:

Talk together with your child about how they use water in their lives. Can you make a poster about how we can save water? This activity develops children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

10.30am Activity:
Water Play

Lois shows you some fun water play activities that you can do at home!

Grown Ups:

Get ready to go on a hunt around the house for some containers. Can you find which container is the biggest and holds the most water and which is the smallest and holds the least water? Organise your containers into smallest to largest just like Lois. This activity develops children’s understanding of measuring and their language and communication.

1:30pm Activity:
Water Experiment

Join Freya as she shows you how to conduct an experiment at home with water. You’ll need an adult for this one as it involves hot water.

Grown Ups:

We’re going to be looking at the difference between hot and cold water and how they react with each other. Follow Freya as she shares how to create this experiment at home. This develops children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

2:30pm Activity:
Do the Materials absorb?

The last session of the day is with Lois who is going to look at how different items absorb water and why this happens.


Grown Ups:

Follow Lois as she shares how you can create your own experiment using different materials. This activity is a great way to show children, how to carry out their own experiments.

If you've finished these and still have time for fun...

Have a go at the ‘float or sink’ extension activity at home and conduct your own little experiment! Fill out the worksheet with the answers that you get.

Story time:
Tom Cockle by Jude Lennon




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