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Bounce Back Jack

Premiership Rugby Player Teams Up with EYFSHome to Launch Children's Book...

From left to right: Bounce Back Jack Book Cover / Jack Maunder and Sarah Griffiths celebrate the launch of their book / Jack and his team mates from the Exeter Chiefs read Bounce Back Jack to their little ones / Jack Maunder signs and donates 120 books to schools around Devon

At EYFSHome we are bringing together inspiring public figures with authors and teachers to create quality assured resources that engage, educate and inspire meaningful learning. We have teamed up with professional Rugby player Jack Maunder from Premiership Rugby Club Exeter Chiefs, to create Bounce Back Jack. A story that at its core motivates children, families, and carers to be resilient, “to try, try again”. Bounce Back Jack inspires its readers to persevere with positivity and relentlessly keep trying to triumph.

Jack first had a rugby ball thrown at him from the moment he could sit up and started playing at Cullompton Rugby Club aged 5. He knew early on that rugby was the sport for him. Jack found it hard balancing school, exams, and training but he was determined to make it happen. Jack signed his first contract with the Exeter Chiefs at the age of 16 and has been lucky to be there ever since with some incredible coaches and support staff. Jack was determined to get his degree from Exeter and spent three more years juggling his time. He was never the biggest on the pitch, so he had to be determined and quick thinking. In sport, you get many knocks both physically and mentally, but you learn to pick yourself up and start again. Jack wanted to share what he has learned along the way to help children with their challenges and ambitions.

On Thursday 14th January 2021 we launched the book along with live book readings and a full blown activity day teaching young children fundamental development skills. The team from the Exeter Chiefs recorded a book reading with their little ones at home and Jack hosted live activity sessions with his former school, Blundell's Preparatory.

Jack Maunder leading an interactive session with his former school, Blundell's Preparatory

The story has been quickly picked up in the press, featuring in the Sun online. Interviews have been aired on BBC Radio Devon, BBC South Today broadcast the story on the morning TV show and BBC Spotlight interviewed Jack Maunder for further TV coverage. The book has also hit number one on the Amazon bestseller lists for Sports Biographies and under the category; Sports & Outdoors.

Jack Maunder aged 5 playing for Collumpton Rugby Club

Profits from the book will go to Jack's chosen charity, The Down's Syndrome Association. As we continue into the year, Jack will be supporting future events with EYFSHome and The Down's Syndrome Association. Stay tuned for further updates and follow the links below if you'd like to see more.

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