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New Smart Search Feature Launched 💻

Over 175 activity days at your fingertips with our new online database...

All of our activities are now easily accessible from the home page of our website using our new online database. Simply type a keyword or theme in the search bar and our system will generate all the relevant activity days to help you find the right one or revisit a day you particularly enjoyed.

Whether you are a teacher looking for inspiration with lesson planning or a parent and caregiver searching for support with homeschooling, this is quickest way to access meaningful learning online. Try our smart search >>

EYFSHome was founded in March 2020 at the start of the COVID pandemic to provide daily activities for 3-5 year old children. Our content is created by professional teachers and children’s authors to deliver consistent and quality assured activities, saving time on preparation and maximising learning opportunities.

We now have over 800 video based activities for children and their carers. This work has been made possible by winning two UK Government ‘Innovate UK’ grants and so the activities are currently FREE.

Please help us to help more at this time by sharing the link to the website with your friends, colleagues and families with young children.

We are also developing CPD support materials to go with our activity resources. Please visit our Advice & Support Page to see videos for parents, carers, nursery workers and reception staff.

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